an international NGO established for Africans who suffer from poverty.


HIMANGO, a Noncommercial corporation supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea, is also an intranational NGO established for Africans who suffer from internal wars and poverty. We have distributed over 30,00 0 mango trees over peoples of South Sudan area so far. For them, a mango tree symbolizes ‘hope’, which produces its fruit for over a hundred years.

HIMANGO, which started by planting and distributing few of this symbolic mango trees, has now become an educational and cultural multi-complex that provides peoples of Tonj opportunities for education and work experience. This ultimately led to their economic independence, and it was the birth of ‘HIMANGO Village’.


HIMANGO is a future-oriented business mainly designed for the economi independence of those who suffer from poverty in South Africa. Purpose of our business lies not only in giving people hope and vision, but also in forming actual conditions to realize their dream.

비전과 미션

Victims of poverty and internal war should regain their once deprived fundamental human rights. This could be done through developing economic and political independence.


Strength for emotional, social, and economic independence of our neighbors in under developed regions should be formed and reinforced.



Devotion and Cooperation

A sincere committment for our sole purpose : improvement of life conditions of our subjects and the Nation he or she belongs to



Absolute respect for our Sponsor and Partner, and for all those who share our dream and purpose.


Creativity and Professionality

Creativity in seeking for solutions, and professionality in handling problems


HIMANGO’s main projects consists Mango tree Project, HIMANGO village Project, and other regional Projects.

Mango tree PROJECT

You would be surprised to know a tree that lives over a hundred years in barren soil of Africa. It is a mango tree. After six to seven years of its endurance and growth, this tree bears its fruit, mango, for about a hundred years without a rest. During Africa’s dry season, it becomes an important source of food and commerce. Ironically, a fully grown tree is able to support not only itself, but also its owner(grower) and his whole family. In detail, HIMANGO takes focus in distribution, plantation, and proliferation of mango tree Projects.


This multi-cultural educational program provides education for all age groups, its ultimate purpose being students’ successful employment and establishment of their own business. In October of 2011, HIMANGO concluded a MOU with Tonj South County in South Sudan, for the development of comprehensive partnership in future. Furthermore, as a mark of trust and ceaseless support, we donated around 50 hectare of site located in center of Tonj, which will be used The first stage of construction includes educational buildings, such as men and women vocational education and training institution, kindergartens, cultural complex, and it was done in late 2012. The second stage, which includes Mango farm, water supply facility, toilets, staff buildings, dormitories, and etc. was done in early 2013. Therefore people are guaranteed with not only enhanced ground of education, but also enhanced level of basic living.

Other regional Projects

HIMANGO seeks for the development of regional economy by forming mutual economic relations with subjects of regional Project, such as government, civic groups, and residents. The main purpose lies in improvement of environment. This includes economic environment, life environment, residential environment, and finally, environment itself. Such “background works” will facilitate